Phishing Email


I'd like to let you know that I got a phishing email from the person named "Bishop Kosen" recently.  I didn't know what happened when I received it because it came to me, Kosen from "Bishop Kosen."  But I noticed the sender's email was "" which was not my email!!! 
Sorry it's so confusing but the scammer who pretends to be "Bishop Kosen" sent emails to Kauai Buddhist Council members including myself as follow:

Kosen. Could you please spare a minute to assist me in purchasing a task discreetly.

Would be glad to receive your response through email because i'm presently in a meeting.

Best Regards
. Bishop Kosen   (


I found out because three members kindly informed me about this email.  Then I found out this was a common phishing email after some research.


By pretending to be someone you know, then the scammer tries to ask you something by emails.  So please do not reply to "Bishop Kosen."   This phishing is terrible and the person named "Bishop Kosen" must be a bad guy!


Actually one of our KBC members believed it was from me and replied.  Then he got another email which said,



I'm so tied up right now.  can you help me purchase an Apple gift card 6 pieces -$100 each at any nearby store?

I would reimburse you when am through later today.  I would have preferred to call you but cannot receive or call at the moment with my line, let me know if you can purchase them now.


Best Regards

Bishop Kosen


I was glad he kindly reported this to me instead of following his email.  But I started to worry about our members who could receive this kind of phishing email. 


This kind of phishing emails are so terrible but getting to be so smart.  They hid their true intention and seek for just a simple reply at first.  Then if they got a reply from you, you can be a target.  They make and explain the situation that people could believe easily and request information or money by emails.


In case you already replied to Bishop Kosen,  please do not reply it again and please report it as phishing email. 
I've already reported this to Google but please be careful about email from "" or similar contents of the email.  
Mahalo for your attention about this matter.  Please stay safe!