Flower and Bird

After Sunday Service and Zoom meeting on Sunday, I went to see Sakura trees (known as Okinawan Cherry) in the Koke'e State Park. Because of the rough weather and strong wind recently, there were not many flowers but there were some Apapane which is Hawaiian honeycreeper endemic to the Hawaii Islands came to get the honey of the flower from time to time.
Kacho-Fugetsu(花鳥風月) which literally means “Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon” is a Japanese term to mean beauty of nature around us. Kacho-Fugetsu has been an important theme for Japanese art, especially Japanese painting called “Nihon-ga.” Lots of painters during the past centuries, have expressed “beauty” through this theme of Kacho-Fugetsu.
Among four topics, a combination of "Flower & Bird" is regarded one of supreme themes of beauty in Japan. I found myself so attracted to this theme of "Bird and Flower" and I hope I could go there again in this month.