The simultaneous NENBUTSU recitation meet

Aloha members and friends of Jodo Mission temples,
I'd like to let you know Jodo Shu Young Ministers' Association in Japan has just started "The simultaneous NENBUTSU recitation meet" in commemoration of our founder Honen Shonin's memorial day in January 25th.
This is to chant "Namu Amida Butsu" from anywhere in the world.  Please join them in reciting Nenbutsu from your place.  Honen Shonin said, "Wherever you hear Namu Amida Butsu shall be my memorial site."
If you can submit an entry form at their website below, you'll see a lotus picture on their special map.  You can send/see a message to your beloved ones or somebody special in this world with a short message on their website.   All you need to do is,
1. Recite Namu Amida Butsu from your place.
2. Fill out entry form. (For your concern about privacy, you don't need to write exact address nor real name.)  All they need is Name(nick name is fine), City Name, and Country Name.  Street address and message are completely optional.
3. Press submit button on their website.
4. Wait or come back in 5 minutes.
5. Lotus flower will be indicated on their map.
Mahalo for your participation in advance.  Please stay safe and enjoy chanting Namu Amida Butsu at home.
Gassho, Kosen Ishikawa