Great Ocean of Buddhism

"Great ocean of Buddha-Dharma should be entered with "Shin (faith)" and cross it with "Chi (wisdom)."


by Nagarjuna (From the Treatise on the Great Parjnaparamita (Daichido-ron))


All Jodo Shu followers know Ichimai-Kishomon (One Sheet Testament) by our Master Honen but very little know about existence of various Ichimai-Kishomon by successors of Honen Shonin in the linage of Jodo Shu.


Because Ichimai-Kishomon is written on only one sheet, it is considered to be super essence of the teachings or the thoughts by the writer. However, as far as I know, there is no information at all, even in Japanese that have introduced various “Ichimai-Kishomon” except Honen's one through the internet.


There are actually “Chinzei Zenji Ichimai Kishomon” by 2nd founder Shoko Shonin, “Kishu Zenji Ichimai-Kishomon” by 3rd founder Ryochuu Shonin, “Jakuei Shonin Ichimai Kishomon” by Ryogyo the 4th founder of Jodo shu, “Joei Shonin Ichimai Kishomon” by Ryoyo Shonin the 5th founder of Jodo shu, “Ryojun Shonin Ichimai Kishomon” “Ryosen Shonin Ichimai Kishomon” and so on.


“The only source I was able to reach was Jodo Shu Zensho which is all collections of Jodo Shu Books. Although there are no modern Japanese translations for Jodo Shu Zensho, I’m so grateful for the fact enormous amount of Jodo Shu resources are available online.


As I aspired to do more translations of important Jodo Shu resources, I’m now choosing the documents which were not translated into English nor modern Japanese. I know this is such a challenge but slowly and steadily, I’ll work on this project and share my translations with you.


Buddhism is indeed incredible ocean of treasures and I’ll be careful not being drown there. Not like Nagarjuna who said “Great ocean of Buddha-Dharma should be entered with “Shin”(faith) and cross it with Chi (wisdom)”, I don’t have intention to get cross this huge ocean. But at least I’d like to enjoy waves of Buddhism while going on my journey as a Jodo Shu priest.


Brand-new translation for our 2nd founder's "Ichimai Kishomon" will be coming up. Gassho