Happy Father's Day!

I think I have quite a few regrets in my life so far and one of the biggest regrets was I quit going to the piano lessons as I turned to be a teenager. It was difficult to persuade my father about quitting but he was finally convinced when I insisted I would keep practicing without a teacher.


After that I actually couldn't continue playing the piano any more and dedicated myself to more sports. It was after I came to Hawaii I restarted working to play some Gartha. Then many years have passed by and I completely forgot I could play some Garthas, too. Wow, even I was surprised that I didn't forget how to play the Vandana Ti-Sarana!!!


Buddha teaches us No need to stick to the regrets because we are not living in the past but living in the present moment for better future. Now I can tell my father...I can still practice playing the piano and I'm thankful for that.


Happy Father's Day to you all!