Making Aloha

Every year I make "Aloha" at Koloa Jodo Mission to welcome Bon Festival. Though pandemic still continues this year, I want to offer Aloha to our members, friends, visitors and our beloved deceased during O-Bon. I took time-lapse photos for making Aloha yesterday on June 14, 2020.


As I make this video, I want to thank our President Alvin Akimoto for his donation of time and energy to maintain our temple ground. Especially I'm extra thankful for him this year because I can do more Bishop's job thanks to his support.


Also in this video, I am introducing a super light portable chair called "Karu-suke" from Japan!!! It weighs only 7 oz (200gram) and max load capacity is 260lbs (120kg). It costs about $7. (The cheapest one available online was 560yen or $6). It's also available at Amazon Japan. This can be very useful for weeding, gardening, outside events such as watching parade and also good for photo-shooting. This is one of good items to buy when you go to Japan.


This is really amazing but I have to be careful when I use this.....Because it's so light, I sometimes forget I have it on and go out.....Then I notice it because people look questioning!