New Normal

Yesterday, Governor Ige issued the supplementary proclamation and showed time-line for reopening of Hawaii. Although nothing is certain about this pandemic yet, it was at least good to know our current standing position toward the goal for Hawaii. Then I noticed an unusual word, “New Normal” which was quite different from what we meant before.


We all wish to be back to normal life but as Governor Ige showed our goal as New Normal which may not to go back to our normal life but we need to build new stand for living safely. This means we need to continue our efforts to protect ourselves and our community for both our safety and economy. We might need both social distancing and face mask for much longer period but we should not worry about future.


I remember before 9/11, security screening at the airport was very quick, simple and easy. Everybody was allowed to get inside the terminal in order to send off our friends and guests. But 9/11 changed our normal forever. TSA security screening became very strict and we got many restrictions about boarding. Then people cannot send off their Ohana or friends at the boarding gate. I remember strict screening was so burden at that time but without knowing it, we are so accustomed to this new normal.


Fortunately we have ability to get used to the new situation and time makes us forget what we didn't like. So we don’t need to worry about this new normal in the future. What is important is always to live in this moment. Namu Amida Butsu