I like both dolphin and aquarium.  Also I like a dolphin show. It’s so amazing to watch their advanced performance and huge jumping. However as I am so used to watch wild dolphins swimming freely in the sea, I cannot help feeling sorry for dolphins about their pool where they do a show for us. Though there may be different sizes of pools but they are all tiny as compared to their natural living space called ocean.


Of course ocean is not always sweet.  Dolphins in nature are free to swim anywhere but they always have to keep searching for their food.  I understand they need lots of food of fish.  Also there exists enemies such as shark and killer whale for baby dolphins in the ocean. And in certain areas,  human being too could be their enemy, too.  But among all, the biggest enemy for all the dolphins is said to be the various virus and parasitic worm in the ocean.


So it is true living in aquarium is not always bad for them. However really bad thing for dolphins or all the animals except human, they cannot choose their life…either safe life with food or free life with danger.


What a great and grateful thing if we can choose our way of life!   As long as we can choose a way, we should choose and walk on the right path. Namu Amida Butsu.