We always wish and try to save spending time as much as possible by practicing efficient and effective way of life. However, spending time is inevitable and utmost important for maintaining health. It sounds ironic but for the purpose of longer life, we shouldn’t save time but definitely need to spend much time for exercising.


Yes, I knew it but I’m having a hard time to use time just for walking since I have many things I’d like to do just in a day.


Ok....I got an idea during yard work with our President yesterday.  I put aside the idea of speediness and convenience but had an intention to walk more while cleaning the yard.




I placed a trash box far in the distance and repeated walking back and forth by picking up cut lawn. This way I do both exercising and cleaning yard at the same time!!!


I was so satisfied with this kill-two-birds-with-one-stone solution but I was surely exhausted after working all day long.