First of all, I’d like to pray for those who have become victims of the coronavirus and recite Namu Amida Butsu.  Also, I am sorry for all those who had received severe impacts from the coronavirus pandemic.


As you know, National Emergency was declared by the US President and we have entered an unknown zone of the Pandemic.  French President Emmanuel Macron also declared the country to be “at war” and “the enemy is invisible but it’s surely there.  It requires our general mobilization.”   This global crisis is rapidly and widely spreading at each moment and Hawaii has now 26 positive cases across the state as of today.



However, this is the time we should be calm down and be strong with our faith in Amida Buddha.  It is known that our stress weakens our immune system and calm mind through the practice of Nenbutsu and meditation help a lot to strengthen us especially during the time of difficulties.   I know we can win this war with coronavirus.  But in order to end this crisis as soon as possible, we all need to work together by doing what we can do our part.  Doing our part is not a big deal but a simple action such as washing hands often, maintaining social distancing, avoiding shaking hands, touching eyes, nose, and mouth and so.  It is also important for us, especially the elderly, to stay home and not to go out unnecessary. 


After consulting with our members,  I’d like to let you know our decisions as follows;


1.     We suspend all activities at the temple effective immediately till April 30, 2020.  

          There will be no Sunday Service and no Calligraphy Class during the time.


2.     However please be assured that I will continue to officiate daily services and prayers without attendees and will share videos through my Youtube Channel.


3.    Also if you need immediate ministers’ assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll officiate services by following the official guidelines issued by CDC ( and Hawaii Department of Health.


4.     For scheduling a regular memorial service, please make an appointment after this crisis is over.


5.     Also if you have already appointment in April,  please consider changing schedule.  If you still want to observe a memorial service as scheduled, please limit 10 or less and follow the guidelines.


6.     Also both bedside and funeral service will be available but you also need to limit number of attendance.



7.     We update the latest information on our website at



The pace of updating information on the virus is so breathtaking, we need to pay constant attention by checking the local news, official orders, CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) websites that provide updated information as it becomes available in addition to the updated guidelines.   Our top priority is your safety.   Let us all use our best judgment to protect ourselves.   


May we all be safe and secure as we work together overcoming the coronavirus.  May the light of Amida Buddha be with you.   Namu Amida Butsu



Bishop Kosen Ishikawa