True Funny Story

From time to time, everyone needs laughter in our daily lives. Do you have a funny story from which you can always laugh out loud?   If none, here is a funny story which I recall from time to time especially when I am having a hard time.


This is a story with me and our beloved minister Rev. W.   When we had a group tour to Zojoji Temple in 2012, I stayed with Rev. W.  Rev. W is my senior minister whom I respect and consult with for many occasions. So when we had conventions, we shared a room for several times in the past.  


So did in Tokyo.  As soon as I woke up, I soon found out Rev. W gone out probably for walking. So I tried to change my clothes.  However I found out my pants was missing.   Oh my goodness, that's my only pants.  Without pants, I cannot go out, of course.  I tried to look for my pants everywhere again and again. 


Then Rev. W came back to the room from his morning walking.  All of sudden, I noticed he was wearing my pants! 


I shouted, “Sensei! That’s mine!!!”

“Oh, is this yours?  No wonder it’s too big-no" said, Rev. W.


I had to LOL although I was seriously look for my pants. 


Please imagine...the minister desperately looking for his pants with his underwear.   I can LOL anytime whenever I recalled this incident!


Have a great day!