2020 Schedule

Aloha and Happy New Year!

First of all, I have to apologize for your inconvenience and much less service this year at Koloa Jodo Mission since I have to serve more temples as Bishop of Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions. 

Pease don't miss the 2020 major services here.  Everyone welcome!  We look forward to seeing you here!


As of March 25, 2020, our temple is temporarily closed until further notice, in accordance with the County of Kaua'i's "Stay-at-home" order.

Therefore all of our services and events in the future are suspended.  Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.  


For your information, we'll continue Live streaming Buddhist Service through YouTube.   Please check Kosen Ishikawa's YouTube Channel.

Also we can do a memorial service and funeral through Live streaming.

Please let me know.                                   Gassho, Kosen Ishikawa




2020 Koloa & Kapaa Jodo Mission Schedule

*Service at Kapaa Jodo starts at 10:00am

*Service at Koloa Jodo starts at 10:30 am



Sun., January 5       10:30 am     New Year Service and Gyoki at Koloa


Sun., January 12      *Service at Kapaa Jodo



Sun., February 2     10:30 am      Nirvana Day Service at Koloa Jodo


Sat., February 15      5:30 pm    General Membership Meeting at Koloa


                               6:00 pm       New Year's Party at Koloa Jodo


Sun. February 23      *Service at Kapaa Jodo

                                Guest Speaker: Rev. Myoko Takano, Jodo Mission


Sun., March 8           10:30 am     Higan Service at Koloa Jodo


Sun., March 15         *Service at Kapaa Jodo

                                Guest speaker: Rev. Koji Ezaki of Haleiwa Jodo



Sun., April 5             9:30 am       KBC Buddha Day Service (Tentative)


Sun., April 19            *Service at Kapaa Jodo



Sun., May 3             10:30 am       Mother's Day Service at Koloa Jodo



Sun., June 21          10:30 am      Bon Service at Koloa Jodo


Friday, June 26          7:30 pm      Bon Dance at Koloa Jodo


Sat., June 27             7:30 pm      Bon Dance at Koloa Jodo



Sun., July 26           *Service at Kapaa Jodo



Sun., August 8         *Kapaa Jodo Mission Toro Nagashi at Wailua River


Sun., August 30        *Service at Kapaa Jodo



Sun. September 6    10:30 am      Higan Service at Koloa Jodo


September 18-20                         Laypersons' Convention on Maui


Sun., September 30  *Service at Kapaa JOdo



October 19-26                              2020 HCJM Japan Trip



Sun., November 1    *Service at Kapaa Jodo


Sun., November 22  10:30 am      Ojuya Service at Koloa

                               *Virtual Service


Sun. December 6        9:30 am      KBC Bodhi Day Service (Tentative)

                                *Virtual Service

Sun., December 13   *Virtual Service


Sun., December 31      5:30 pm     New Year's Eve Service at Koloa