Teaching of Blooming together

Pitaya known as dragon fruit usually bloom its several flowers together at a time. Three flowers, six flowers and sometimes over 10 flowers bloom at a time. Instead of blooming individually one by one, they bloom as a group which gives us deeper impression.

As you know, fruit flowers need pollination in order to be a fruit. Of course, pollination could be done naturally by the wind and rain but most pollination are done by so-called pollinating agents such as insects and birds. And it is fragrance of the flower which invites insects to do pollination.

The fragrance of one pitaya flower is sweet but fragrance of more flowers is just amazing.  More flowers as a group possibly attract more insects and as a result many of them could turn into the dragon fruits. 

I'm truly impressed by the instinct of preserving species.  At the same time, I understood....this is like a teaching of teamwork.  Everyone is great individually but we can be greater if we work together as a group.