1982 Documentary Film

Lately I happened to turn on the TV and saw familiar people.  The program was already started but soon I recognized aunty Myra who looked so young.  Without knowing the title, immediately I understood the value of the film and started recording on DVR. 


To my surprise, it was a 1982 documentary film on the late Mrs. Asao Fukumoto of Koloa who had 11 children and over 100 family members.  Did you watch it?  If not, you might thank me for having this opportunity to watch it here.....This film is so precious not only for the family members but also for the people who know Koloa and plantation life.


I was so amazed by the film because there were many familiar people and places of Kauai back in 1982!  I was also touched by the life of Mrs. Fukumoto who overcame many hardships and difficulties with her many children who also sacrificed so much to support the family.  But Mrs. Fukumoto and children were pleasant, humorous and positive in life.  


It was truly an honor and pleasure for me to get to know Mrs. Fukumoto and family through my job at Koloa Jodo Mission.  She attended various temples but seemed to choose to be a member of Jodo Mission which was also her parents' temple.  When I was assigned to Koloa Jodo Mission in 1999, she was already 99 years old and retired from all temple activities but I remember I've visited to pray her family Butsudan at home.  Mrs. Fukumoto passed away in 2002 when she was 101 years old.  The funeral service was private but I was so surprised to see many family members which was much larger than our temple membership. 


Well, they say seeing is believing...you will be amazed by this documentary film of the big family.