Kawaikini is the highest peak of Mount Waialeale which is known as the wettest spot on Earth.  As you know, it is located almost in the center of the Island and it is often covered by clouds.  Therefore it is said it's difficult to view this summit throughout the year.  

However it is often visible from Koloa in the early morning and after 9:00 am, more and more clouds rapidly appear to make this summit invisible. 


Every morning, without fail, before going to the temple, I look at this mountain to check today's weather.  When it's not raining, the summit can be clearly seen way before sunrise.  And just like the meaning of Kawaikini (the multitudinous water),  once in a while after the heavy rain, the mountain gets several rainfalls which disappear so soon in an hour.   Without knowing, this mountain has been a part of my Kauai life and I always feel great if I see no clouds on this mountain.

By the way, I recently found out the photo of Kawaikini at Wikipedia was not Kawaikini, but Kahili Mountain.  Elevation of Kawaikini is 5,243 feet (1,598 m)  while Kahili mountain is about 3,000 feet (914m).  What a big difference and mistake!   However I think this mistake is pretty understandable because....

from Koloa, Kahili Mountain looks higher than Kawaikini! Once again, Kahili in elevation is about 3,000 feet while Kawaikini is the highest peak of the island which is 5,243 feet (1,598 m) .  However because of the laws of perspective, the mountain in far distance looks smaller and the mountain closer to us looks much bigger.  I don't want to embarrass the person who contributed the photo to Wikipedia but I think this is a wonderful mistake that make us realize that..........truth can be easily misunderstood if we are too close!  At the same time, this is a wonderful example that you cannot always trust Wikipedia 100%!!!