We are so saddened to hear the loss of our Bishop Yubun Narashiba of Jodo Mission of Hawaii,  who once served Koloa Jodo Mission from 1987 to 1997.   We started praying for him when we received a news that he was taken to the Queens Hospital on July 19 and hoped his earliest recovery but passed away on July 20th.  It was a heart attack.


We, family and members of Koloa Jodo Mission express our deepest sympathy and condolence to Mrs. Narashiba and family.  We cannot but pray...Namu Amida Bu.  


Our prayer, Nenbutsu or Namu Amida Bu, is not a magical word to cure disease but is a miracle word to lead us to the ultimate bliss of Amida Buddha.  


Mahalo and Aloha to Bishop Narashiba.  Namu Amida Butsu.