Good thing comes in a pair

The grabber tool to pick up things without bending knees is so useful!   It's now on sale at Costco and its price just went down to $8.99!!!

I'm not sales person at Costco but I just fell in love at first sight.  Now I cannot help commending this tool after using it for a month.   There are two grabbers as a set.


Why do they sell two as a set?  All of sudden, the question came up to my mind.  And if you get two, how do you use it? and what is the meaning of two for you?   It may be a trifle matter but I just thought of the meanings of two....



One grabber is for you and another one is for your spouse?  One is to use now and another one is to use for later.  One is to pick up trash and one is to pick up non-trash?  One is for me and one is for you?  There could be many meanings of "Two."


For me, two grabbers is for inside and one is for outside.  I do use it in many occasions but the best use of this grabber so far is when I pick up fallen Ti leaves.  It's hard to pick up with broom but with this grabber, I can get fall ti leaves so easily. 


Anyway, two grabbers from Costco is so good just like a Chinese saying "good thing comes in a pair."