Bon Dance was not prepared in a day but cleaned up in a day.


Mahalo nui loa to those who helped us celebrating our 2018 Bon Dance.   I’ve made a video to thank you very much!  At the ending part, I put my message.


During Bon Dance, I was surprised to receive a paycheck.  Wow, I got a big raise.  Working for two temples, two Bon Dances and two Toro Nagashi….finally I got a high evaluation!  However I soon realized this was not a raise but just a regular salary for the past three months.  During the past months, we have been so busy that our President forgot to pay me and I forgot to request it.  I thought this was a blessing since I didn’t need to think of money for what I worked.  In addition, now I feel….I got a surprise bonus! (LOL)   


But at the same time, I feel sorry….I’m the only one who receive a paycheck from our temple.   Our president has worked almost full time for our temple for the past months but that was all volunteer jobs.  Besides he brought his entire family, relatives and friends together to work for Bon Dance.   And of course, there are some more members who brought their families and relatives to here.   


What a dedication we have received during Bon Dance!!!  Bon Dance always make me realize my life is deeply supported by people's unselfish dedication and kindness.   And I even feel for their sacrifices to help our temple.  But because I can feel "sorry,"  I want to return "kindness" to people.   I want to be useful and helpful not only in the temple but also in the community and society in the near future.

Once again, thank you so very much! 

This is a shorter version of my message.

Longer version....This may be boring for non-helpers.