Reading a receipt

Honestly, I wished to take a vacation after Hanamatsuri but as soon as I came back to temple, I had to start working for the tax since its due date was coming so soon. 


My tax preparation is supposed to be easy however I have much more outgo for the temple.  As a result, I needed to review all the receipts which have been here and there in the office.  So it took me about 1.5 days to clean up office first and then I can face reviewing receipts. 


I'm so glad I didn't lose all the necessary receipts and documents.  However a big problem's sometimes very hard to identify the items on the receipt!  


For the picture above, a receipt from Walmart says "10CT 2 EXP."  What is this?


I can tell "CT" means "count" but I don't know about "EXP."  For me this was like a code!!!  Can you tell what is this? 


Of course, because receipts have date and time you shopped, I'd better try to recall it with a hint of date/time and other shopping items.   But I competely forgot it because the date was way back to February last year.  if you don't remember what you bought, how do you identify the item?


This time I took a look at the receipt carefully and noticed numbers next to the item.  

I guessed it could be ID number for the item throughout Walmart stores and wanted to check it at their website.

Then I visited the home page and I entered the numbers of the item in the search, and then press it.........

Very glad to get Bingo!  The numbers showed the item I bought and now I remember I bought this for teaching Japanese language....


This way to identify the item on the receipt worked at the HomeDepot, too but didn't work at Costco.  Now I need to think about a way to identify the items....  Better directly to Costco?