Best + Best = ?

I've just changed a front page design for the Buddha Day Service tomorrow. Instead of using photos of the Buddhist council temples, I decided to use some front page designs in the past.  I thought this looked more like "Book fair?"


After looking at programs in the past, I noticed one thing.  

Front page is usually the best description of its contents.  And usually, less explanation and more pictures are used to imply what is this event like?   In other words, all the past designs of the Buddha Day programs could be the best answer toward the question "what is Buddha day?" without using much words!  


So my idea is very simple.  I just collected and used the best answers of what is Buddha Day?  I thought collected best answers should be better than "the best" in the past. 


Just for fun, I've made an Equation...


Best + Best + Best = Better than the best.


Tonight Candle night will be held at Hoffgard Park in Waimea Town, hosted by Waimea Buddhist temples and ministers, after memorial service for the beloved pets and animals from 6:00 pm.