Some time ago, when I was about to leave Koloa to pick up my daughter at Lawai, I mistakenly locked myself out. I definitely knew I shouldn’t have locked the door yet, but it was too late.  Unintentionally, I locked the door with all of my keys inside the house…House Key, keys for the temple, and car key were all inside.  But that was not all.  My smart phone and wallet were also in the house!  I was totally locked out and I couldn’t do anything but shout myself “Oh, NOOOO!(Baka-tare).”   I wonder have you experienced this kind of lockout.



Fortunately, our social hall door was unlocked and I could use a phone.   Soon I realized, however, I’ve relied so much to my smart phone and I didn’t memorize my wife’s phone number.  What can I do?  Of course, if I waited some time, eventually my wife would be back to open the house.  But the problem was I didn’t know how soon or late she would be back.   And I needed to pick up my daughter at 5:00 pm at Lawai Warehouse where she was attending afterschool program.   Time was running quickly but all the contact numbers was in my smart phone in the locked house.   I even tried to sneak in the house by using ladder but I found myself too big for the window to enter.



In the meantime, it was already 5:40pm.  My last choice was to call our temple President Alvin Akimoto for help.   This was actually my first easy choice I thought of…because his phone number was one of four phone numbers I remember.   The numbers I know here are, 1. Kapaa Jodo Mission, Jodo Mission of Hawaii (Betsuin) where I worked for 3 years, 911 and Akimoto residence.   That’s all.  But I had a big hesitation to call him on that day because he was working all day long at the temple for preparing for our New Year’s Party.   But I started to worry my daughter, too, who must be waiting at Lawai alone and all I could do was to ask him to come here to open the house with a spare key.  I was sure he was so tired but as soon as I asked for help, he came to the house and opened house in no time.



As I reflected my 18 years here at Koloa Jodo Mission, this experience of “locked out” was my first time but I actually called our President for help so many times.   That’s why I never forget his phone number and I was so grateful for his time, generosity and talents as a engineer to fix almost anything.   He has indeed fixed my car many times, repaired toilet, shower, kitchen, house and he continues to fix something at the temple with uncle Edwin and Jimmy as our temple buildings get older.  Our membership dues of Koloa Jodo Mission has been $50 for nearly 50 years while other prices have gone up dramatically.   This was definitely possible thanks to our President and our members and friends.   Of course, this means I didn’t get a raise for many years.  But I’m rather thankful and proud of this fact since I’ve received something more precious than money. 



Last but not least, I’d like to thank the lady who kindly waited with my daughter at Lawai for nearly one hour till she is picked up by my wife.   I didn’t have a chance to thank her in person but I am still grateful for her time and true kindness.