History repeats itself?

War, peace, war, peace, war, peace, war, peace, war, war, peace, war, peace.....This is our history of human being if I can put it bluntly.  Of course, reality is never so simple but we human being repeated war and peace countless times in the past and they are still happening in this moment..  


Nobody like war and everybody love peace.  However peace can be broken so easily by war. Then war make us seek for peace.  Just like swinging pendulum, war and peace are happening and going back and forth repeatedly.


Another interesting expression for our human history can be "repetition of unity and division."  We all want to be united and love sense of unity.  Then once it is unified, however, we lose our sense of special and we seek for the smaller groups.  Then if we get more of smaller groups, we lose sense of strength and feel more inconvenient because of the smaller group.  As a result, we seek for the bigger group which could do a bigger job.  Both unity of smaller groups and division of a bigger group are happening not only in our history but also happening in our everyday life.  We can see this in the context of the opposite relationship between  "Stimulation and stability" or "special and general."

Anyway, war and peace, unity and division have been a very essence and backbone of the history which repeated itself.  But now with modern technology and power of the extremely strong weapons,  history may not repeat itself in the future because such a powerful weapons could extinct us so easily.  That's why to choose a right leader will be more and more important in the future.  

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