2017 Quiz

Aloha!  Long time no see. 

For a long time, I forgot about this blog but I'm thinking to restart it because I have now desire to write more.  My condition has been like storing water.  Because I have just kept collecting water, now I need a way to release the water here. 

I am hoping I can provide more of interesting, useful and sometimes funny stories to you.  And above all, my wish is "Let all living beings be always happy and kind. "


Anyway I have a quiz.  It's very simple but very difficult.  The question is "How many cats can you see?"  Please guess the answer.


A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. many

E. So what?


The answer is.

























































































































































C. 2 cats!


Thank you for visiting our website and have a great day!

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