Best Bon Dance

I think Bon Dance at Kauai Soto Zen can be the best Bon Dance in the state of Hawaii.   They have good funding, huge parking space, big ring for many dancers to dance spaciously, many helpers from the community and many great entertainments.... It was really like mini-county fair and I want to call it 3E-Bon Dance....
1. Exciting
2. Entertainning
3. Educational
Now I'm thinking....I know our temple cannot be like Kauai Soto Zen. We don't have many helpers. We have very limited parking space and no flying-saucer.  However, I sincerely wish to do my best for members, friends, and visitors to have good times at our temple.   At the same time, I thank all both living and dead for making our 2016 Bon Dance.  
Mahalo and hope to see you here at Koloa Jodo Mission on July 29 and 30, 2016.


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    Colleen (Sunday, 31 July 2016 05:37)

    Hi Sensei Kosen!

    Good job with the bon dance!

    Honestly, I don't like the Soto Zen bon dance any more than I like yours. Oh, except it almost always drizzles at your bon dance..haha! I think it's just where your temple is situated. Tonight I told my husband that wouldn't it be hilarious if someone would dress up as a Teru Teru Bozu?! Other than the drizzle, your bon dance is just as good as Soto Zen's. And remember, I believe they are funded by a grant. Their food lines were ridiculously long and you had to stand in too many lines. As you say, you are limited in space and parking. Flying saucers are a mystery to me. I will eat them occasionally, but my goodness, why are people so crazy about them? I really do like all the bon dances pretty much equally. The small ones feel "cozy" and friendlier, the larger ones maybe more exciting.

    I hope I remember to check your blog more frequently. I always enjoy reading it, but in my older age I forget there are other things besides email and Facebook games!