I've just made Sushi for Kapaa Jodo Mission which has a Sunday Service today from 10:00 a.m.


When I saw leftover Ebiko, I noticed a possible interesting fact of our instinct.

The possible fact is.....I used more green ebiko than red Ebiko.  Interestingly, same thing happened at Kapaa Jodo when we made Sushi for Bon Dance.  I saw helpers used much more green than red.  So I just thought this can be our natural instinct we try to avoid using red for food.   As you know, red is color of blood.


All of sudden, I remembered yesterday I had plenty of "red and white Chichi-dango" from Honda Family.  Let's see which color I ate more.......this can be another example that I try to avoid eating red color....Then I saw it.

That's right...I ate more white chichidango than red.  However what shocked me was .....I ate so many chichidango at night after Bon Dance at Waimea Higashi and now there are only four left!  Yes, I ate too much and I need to start diet today.


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