Preparing "Aloha"

"Sensei, how come you grow plants in small containers?"

This is one of the most frequent questions I receive from the visitors.


Then they understand very well whenever I answer like this, "Because this is not my land."


But now I have another answer.  "I have many planting pots because I want to express my aloha to the guests."

























This is the aloha I made yesterday after working all day long at the yard.

Yes, I wanted to make Aloha by planters.











Then I made another one in front of the Yagura.

By making Aloha, I thought preparing "O-Bon" is just like preparing "Aloha" to the guests....both living and the dead.  I'm now ready to spend lots of energy and time to prepare our O-Bon which will be held in July 29 and 30 here at Koloa Jodo Mission.


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