Hepburn Romanization

Some time ago, Mr. Gerald Hirata asked me about Romanization of Japanese characters.  He is well-known as "Mr. Zenshuji (Kauai Soto Mission)" and also another "Mr. Bon Dance on Kauai" who is studying roots of Bon Dance in Hawaii.


His question was about spelling of the popular ending Bon Dance Song, called ”べっちょ.”   Is it "beccho" or "betcho"?   According to Mr. Hirata, he saw "betcho" in the professor's thetis and also saw "beccho" in my youtube channel.  He wondered which should be correct.


Actually I didn't pay any attention to the accuracy of spelling until I was asked.   Since there are several methods of Japanese spelling, I thought it didn't matter whether it was betcho or beccho.   However another opinion by the professor made me curious which should be correct.  One time, I enjoyed listing differences between priest and scholar, and I knew scholar should be right as far as accuracy is concerned.  


This is how I found an interesting website to convert "Japanese Hiragana and Katakana" into roman characters.   This website is called "Hebon-shiki-Henkan-kun" meaning "Mr. Hepburn romanization system Converter."  What you need is  just to type or "copy and paste" Hiragana and press "convert."  That's it.   Then roman characters will appear into the right space.


Hepuburn Romanization system is known as standard and then I knew it was "Betcho" for my first time.  According to Hepuburn, it should be "betcho."   


Then what is the meaning of Betcho?  Some people here including Mr. Hirata already know the meaning, but I'm still thinking whether I should  explain it or not since this might give you shocking of the hidden history of Bon Dance.


Hope to see you Bon Dance at Kapaa Jodo Mission tonight!!!  Aloha.

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