Honen & Shinran

I've completed adding English subtitles to this special TV program called "Honen & Shinran: Treaures Related to the Great Masters of the Kamakura Buddhism." 


This was originally released in 2011 in commemoration of the 800th Grand Memorial of Honen and the 750th Grand Memorial of Shinran. 


Because this excellently introduces two great Pure Land masters and their thoughts and treasures, I couldn't resist the feeling that I wanted to share it with English speaking friends as soon as I watched it.  


First, I did rough translation in April 2014.  Later, I asked both Gary and Eric for the proofreading. Then I received a revised translation from Eric.  It was December 2014.  Eric wrote me he was sorry for the belated revision. But it was really nothing since it took me two years to start adding English subtitles to the video. 


Yes, I'm the one who is really sorry!!!  I think I am sometimes a very good engine but my engine takes time to start!!!   So the warming up time to edit this video was two years but actual time I spent to complete it was 7 hours.  With my busy Bon schedule, I did it today without eating lunch.


Since I completed my mission to translate Bon Dance Songs on Kauai, I'm now willing to do more translation for the sake of Jodoshu.



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