Bamba Odori


"Banba Odori" is a popular folk song in Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefecture which is located in the island of Kyushuu.  This Japanese word "Banba" came from "baba" meaning "horse-riding ground" where a big Bon dance was once held to wish for the good harvest of rice.  Then Bon Dance at the horse ground(baba) came to be called "Bamba Odori."  As you know, "odori" means "dancing."


This song talks about beautiful scenery and rich history of Nobeoka City which was developed as a castle town.  The castle name is Nobeoka-jo, known as "Shiroyama (castle hill) ".  It has had a bell tower which let people know the time, six times a day.  Therefore this song invites people to come to listen to this bell in the first verse.  Also this song mentions a famous Tanka (Japanese short poem) Poet, Bokusui Wakayama has left excellent poems about his memory of this castle.


The second verse is about beautiful nature in Nobeoka.  Two outstanding rivers of Gokase and Oose, run through the town to pour into the harbor.  Then there are famous Onsen (hot springs) of "Hoori " and "Kitagawa"   On the river, there is huge fish trap called "Yana" and houseboat, too, to enjoy dinning.  It should be a good experience to eat delicious fresh grilled "Ayu" by the river.


The third verse is about current scenery of Nobeoka.  There is a beautiful mountain hill called "Atagoyama" which is selected one of the best 100 mountains in Japan.  From there, you can enjoy sceneries of four directions.  In the east, you'll see Oonada which is known as a very rough ocean and in the west, there are range of mountain hills.  Then in the south, there are many terraced fields and six giant factories in the north.  Currently, Nobeoka is famous as an industrial area of Japan. 

Then, this song invites people to stop by at Nobeoka when they come to Miyazaki. 

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