Nippon Daiko

I've just uploaded another Bon Dance video with English translation.  I used 2012 & 2013 videos at both Lihue and Hongwanji. 


For me, "Nippon Daiko" was very interesting since I couldn't find any basic information on this song through internet.  Whether it's Japanese or English, there was completely no information except some youtube videos including my video.   


So I still don't know who was a singer, when this was made and so on.  If you know information on this song, I'd very very very very very very much appreciate your post in the comment.  


The lyrics for this song is about to enjoy hitting Japanese drum harmoniously and happily with many other people.


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    Micah C. (Sunday, 26 February 2023 12:14)

    Not sure if you’ve found info on this song in the years since this post, but after a bunch of searching I was able to find it on YouTube with the artists and album cover. I grew up going to the kapa’a bon dance every year with my grandparents and I love listening to the music. Hope this helps


    三味線 静子・豊寿




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    Kosen Ishikawa (Sunday, 26 February 2023 19:05)

    To Micah C.
    Thank you very much for leaving comments and also a YouTube link for Nippon Daiko! I was so moved to get this information in detail.