Cause and Effect


It's been almost one year since stores at Lihue's newest shopping center started opening.  This was a good event for Kauai since this produced many more jobs on Kauai.  Also this has brought more varieties of products and customers have more choices to go shopping.  However just like relationship between light and shadow, whenever there is merit, demerit is born at the same time.


I think one of the demerits of this new shopping center has been a traffic jam.  The westbound highway gets so jammed from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  


The other day when I was heading to the Garden Mortuary to officiate the service after sending guests off at the airport, it took 40 minutes to move for just a few miles....from this new shopping center to the human society.   I should not excuse but I was late at the service because of this bad traffic. 


I felt so ashamed of myself about being late at the service that I want to drive with much more time to spare from now on.  Also if possible, I'd like to avoid to drive that area in the evening.   This way, I can be far from the heavy traffic jam, at the same time, I cannot be a cause of the jam.   After all, the one who is caught in a traffic jam is both cause of the traffic and a victim of the traffic, too.

By the way, do we need a night roadwork sign during a day time???  I often see cars slow down as soon as they pass this sign during a day time.  But the roadwork is actually done at night.  I guessed this might be one of the reasons, too,  why a heavy traffic jam happens around this area.

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