Some time ago, I knew there was a function called "Analytics" at my Youtube Channel.   I felt so interesting this Analytics since this gave me information such as demographic, locations of the viewers, total watch time, devices of the users, numbers of share, and so on. 


Then I knew I had a total of 701 videos and during the last 28 days, total watch time by viewers was 65,979 minutes and 27 videos were shared by somebody's websites or social network. 


However, among them, I paid the most attention to the average view duration.  Yes, the average view duration time for my videos was only 5 minutes! 

I thought this could mean no matter how much energy and time I spent for the videos especially for my Dharma Talk Videos, people easily quit watching them and change channels if they were not interesting.  I can tell their feeling because I do the same thing when I do watch videos. 


Because YouTube always suggest soooooooooo many numbers of videos, I want to watch them one after another however I have limited time to watch. 

So what I do is I quit watching a video as soon as I found out it was boring.  Yes....Five minutes was a long enough to tell....whether it worth watching or not.


This shall be a good reminder I should have a very good beginning at my talk or presentation so that I could transmit what I really want to share.

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