Making Correction for Google Map

Lately at Koloa Jodo Mission, there were visitors from Seattle who were also part-time residents of Kauai.  They said they were interested in attending a Buddhist service.  So I told them the next service would be held at Kapaa Jodo Mission and several days later, to my surprise, they did come to the service at Kapaa.


Although attendance at Sunday Service is not good, however, as compared to 10 years ago, numbers of visitors attending to the service are increasing and because of this good tendency, I wish I could stay here for more years. 


Anyway, I had interesting information from new participants.  They told me they tried to go to Kapaa Jodo Mission by following the Google Map.  Then they reached the completely wrong place.  Also they told me Kapaa Jodo Mission was categorized as a Jewish Church! 

A big Mahalo to Judy & Jack!  I just want to share how I made correction with you.

1. Log in to my Google account.

2. Google "Kapaa Jodo Mission."

3. Making correction can be done at "Suggest an edit."

Then changed category from "Synagogue" to "Buddhist Temple."  Also clicked Location and moved the marker from wrong place to the correct address.   Later I learned it should be easy to add correct street address in the "Address" instead of moving the location marker.

This is how correction was made.  As soon as completed, I received a following message from the google.

Then I was curious about other Buddhist temples on Kauai.  To my surprise, Waimea Higashi and Waimea Shingon were categorized as Synagogue, too, and Lihue Hongwanji was just categorized as "church."  Also I noticed location of Waimea Higashi Hongwaji was completely wrong.  I might be such a meddling priest but I made correction for them, too.  It actually took a few weeks for my first correction for google map (they investigated and called me directly about information) but now I have good credit for google, that's why, I think, correction can be done so easily.

I hope these changes were OK. 


Because many people now rely on information online, so I think it is very important to check at least "my" information is correct from time to time.  


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