Beer Brined Cucumber Pickle

Cucumber pickle at Kapaa Jodo Mission was so delicious and I learned cucumber from Big Island is now sold at Costco!  Although I forgot to ask this recipe but I couldn't resist buying this cucumber as soon as I saw it at Costco. 


Then I needed to google various cucumber recipes and among them, beer brined cucumber pickle seemed to be very easy and tasty.  I just want to thank the cookpad who provided this recipe online for free!


Beer Brined Cucumber Pickle Recipe


Beer 1can/355ml

Cucumber 2lbs (907g) from Costco

Sugar 0.44 lbs (200g)

Salt 0.13 lbs (60g)



1. Measure Sugar 200g & Salt 60g

2. Mix Sugar & Salt & 1 can of beer (355ml)

3. Wash Cucumbers

4. Put Cucumbers in a plastic bag.

5. Add brined beer in the bag.

6. Leave this bag in the refrigerator for at least one night.

Completed!   By the way, I don't drink beer at all.  The last time I drank beer was maybe over one year ago.  I look forward to tasting this pickle tomorrow!!!

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