Photos of "I WANT YOU!"

What is vitality?

What is "desire" like?

How can I express "desire" as an image?

What can be a photo of "I want you"???


The following photos gave me an opportunity to think about these questions.  I wonder... how do you imagine the photo?



Interesting?   → Please move a cursor down.

Not interesting?  → Have a good day and Aloooha!

















































The other day, I noticed something like a vine growing up to the window inside from the hall.

Do you have any idea what is it?  To my biggest surprise, this was....





















....a Japanese mountain yam called "Yama-Imo!!!"   As soon as I saw this "Yama-Imo", I recalled Mrs. Tanaka gave us for our New Year's Party back in February.  This means, this potato has survived without soil and water for over 2 months and was desperately looking for sunlight by growing some vines!

I thought this must be a photo of "I (Yam) want You (sunlight)."


Generally, potato has such a strong vitality to live in a very harsh condition.  But I believe we can be stronger as we can learn wisdom! 


Last, my apology to Mrs. Tanaka.  I'm sorry I forgot to use Yama-imo for the New Year's Party.

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    Virginia Bowden (Monday, 25 April 2016 18:36)

    Just like the yam, we want light too, sunlight and spiritual light. When we are in the dark, we keep searching until we find it.