Survival of the Fittest

Over a decade ago, my cat was stronger than a chicken here. And there were no chickens which eat cat food.  Only bird trying to get cat food was Mynah Bird.


But recently I realized chicken came to love cat food.   Their appetite was enormous.  They are always walking around a cat and they are very greedy about taking cat food.

And now chickens are stronger than a cat and they can make a cat run away.  To my surprise, they can fly to the roof of the temple and fight with a mynah bird, too.

This is something I never saw it before.  And I now can see "struggle for existence" in chicken, which may lead to the evolution of the stronger specie on the island.  


People sometimes use a word "chicken" as a meaning of coward.  But at least chickens here are not coward.  They are very greedy about eating and struggling for living.  In the future, chicken can survive as a result of "survival of the fittest." 

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    Virginia Bowden (Tuesday, 26 April 2016 14:18)

    Thank you for sharing about your chickens. Glad to hear they are not cowards! Keeping the cat and mynah birds on their toes! Perhaps they are fed up of being at the bottom of the pecking order and want to rule the roost!