True Test for True Honesty

When your minister officiates a memorial service for your beloved one, what do you give to him/her?  Is it cash or check? or Is it food or goodies or a gift card or... maybe all of them?


The reason why I am asking is because I tend to receive cash.   For a long time I didn't know the reason why I received more cash than checks.....till one of the Buddhist members told me "most members give cash to ministers so that ministers don't need to report cash income to IRS."  He continued to say, "Saving tax money helps ministers to work well" 


This really surprised me because I reported all income to Hawaii GE Tax and IRS.  I've simply paid 4% of my cash income to the State.   I didn't think I didn't need to report cash.  Of course, this was right.  We need to report all income, however, it's also true that they cannot tell my cash income unless I tell the truth.


At first, I thought this was very good information.  Because they cannot know my cash, I might be able to escape from paying tax for cash income.  However, this information started to give me dilemma, too. 


I started to wonder if I should really report it.....every time I receive cash.  In the past, I was definitely happy to pay tax because I didn't know this information.  So in a sense, I had no choice.   But now I have a choice to report or not to report cash.....according to my true honesty. 


Interestingly there should be no members who want their ministers to tell a lie or to be dishonest.   Also members are honest and kind to their ministers.  However the fact members give cash to ministers could cause them to be dishonest to the IRS!!!  


As you may know, it is already tax time and now I'm preparing for my tax at the last minutes.    Do you think I am honest?   Do you think I can report my income correctly?   I'm sorry I don't need your answer but I regard this Tax Preparation shall be a true test for my true honesty!!! 

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