It's time for gardening!

Algae can be good for keeping water clean.  However I realized they can grow too much after their finding soil in the water.  Then they take nutrition of soil and eventually water, too.  Recently I found no water in the pond which made me decide to remove all algae.  


As you know, it can be an easy job if you throw away everything.  However, there are some plants and fish in the pond.  So taking them out actually took time and this gave me a good opportunity to transplant and propagate some water lilies. 


Yes, it's time for gardening.  I am now very happy to have time for gardening after busy months of January, February and March.

First I cleaned the pond. 

Next, I newly made soil for lotus by mixing three kinds of soil.  First, I put fluffy soil and then added heavy soil and water.  After mixing them well, I added some local soil.

Then I placed lotus roots near the tub-wall so that they can find more space and grow well. 

Last, I put Black Cinders over the soil so that light soil won't float in the water.  I made three sets for the three kinds of lotus.  Then I did some more propagations of the water lilies.

This yellow water lily was a gift from my Dharma friend, Thich Trithien and I divided into 6 plants and many more white lilies.   I thought I was so greedy after looking at all propagations.  But this is also true......because I have such a strong desire to grow more water lily, I can share plants with more friends.


This is like a saying..."kill two birds with one stone."  Not only I but aslo members and visitors here can enjoy flowers.  Plus, I can enjoy taking photos of beauty of the flowers. 


The following water plants are my collections here at Koloa Jodo Mission.

This is my favorite water lily called "Dauben."  Dauben was named after French Hybridizer, Daubeny in 1863.  I had a gift of dauben from Mrs. Lilian Akagi in 2008.

I just found out the name of this night blooming water lily was "Lotus."   Yes, it is "water lily" called "Lotus."    Isn't it confusing?

This is a peach pink flower called "Colorado."    

"Islamorada" was named after an island in Florida.  Hybridizer was Florida Aquatic Nurseries in 1999. 

Nymphaea Colorata. I bought it at HomeDepot in 2009.

I think this is called "Ruby."

I think this is called "Eldorado" or "City of Gold."  Hybridizer is Martin E. Randig in 1963. 

This is called "Director George T. Moore."   Huge and gorgeous flower, hybridized by George H. Pring. 

I'm not sure about this name but it may be called "Pink Pearl."   It grew from the seed which I bought from ebay.   It said "Mixed seeds."

This was my very favorite American Lotus from Mrs. Akagi.  I was so moved to see this flower after growing several years in 2014.

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    Virginia Bowden (Tuesday, 26 April 2016 14:27)

    Your lotuses and lillies are beautiful.