Pleasure of Making Efforts!?



My wife and children always tell me "Ew!" whenever they see my chair  at the temple office.


I'm terribly sorry if you felt it was "ewww", too.


It's worn-out because I've spent tremendously much time sitting here for more than 10 years!  Not only day-time but also night-time, too, I prefer to sit here to do some computer hoby(work) and sometimes at night, I fall asleep and wake up in the early morning here.  That's why it is now so worn-out and my family don't come close to this chair. 


It was true, in the past, there was a moment that I thought I should throw this chair away.   I thought I used enough.  However, some years ago, I found a way to use cushions and I had no problem sitting here.  The chair was actually fine.   It just didn't look good.   That's why I keep using this with cushions!

On Black Friday, in 2014, I bought a new chair at Wal Mart because it was a good deal!  So I could throw away an old chair and could use a new one anytime.  


But now I feel a great pleasure to update a record of using this old chair!  How many more years I could be patient with chair?   This feeling may be same? just like an athlete try to improve one's own record every moment.  I know this is such a tiny effort....but I believe this kind of effort can contribute eco on Earth!

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