My Lover in Honolulu

Today I have a big confession to make.  Although I am a minister, but I truly realize I am a stupid human being who have a lover in Honolulu.


It was summer in 2002 when I first met her.  It was my first sight love and immediately I fell in love.  Since then whenever I went to Oahu, I always went to see her.  I don't know how many times I went.   The other day, too,  I went to see her after the workshop.   I took a late flight and after sending other ministers to the airport, I went back to the city and meet.


I'm sorry......I am a such a bakatare bonpu minister.  Here is my lover in the bigger picture.









































This is my lover, Kotteri Ramen at Tenka Ippin!!!!  Yes, she is my best lover=ramen, ever in Hawaii.


Then you might wonder who is a beautiful lady in the photo with me?   I am sorry she is not my lover of course, but a TV talent, Mayumi-san of the Ultimate Japan (OC16).


I met her over 13 years ago since they opened a Ramen store in Waikiki.  Of course, I am one of their customers but because I often went, she remembered me.


Last time I met her was before they moved the store to Kapahulu, so it must be 9 years ago.  Since then, I saw her only in the TV and never seen her at the store.  But the other day, I was soooooo surprised to see Mayumi San was working at Tenka Ippin!   Then I mentioned I saw her in the TV and to my surprise, she remembered me!!! I was so glad that I asked her to take a photo with me.  Mahalo Mayumi-san!


The Tenka Ippin Ramen is my very best food for me.  That's why I want to call it my lover.  Now back to my confession.....don't you think I am bakatare because I am so attached to Ramen!

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