A Bitter Smile!?

It's absolutely not good feeling....but there is time that it's better to smile.  This is what we call "Niga-warai" or "Kusho" in Japanese, meaning a bitter smile.


This bitter smile is very common for Japanese who happens to meet a situation that there is no help for it.  Again, it's not a good experience.  But instead of blaming somebody or complaining about bad experience, we'd better accept it and we need to go forward the life.  How?   This is what I mean "Bitter Smile." By having a bitter smile, we can accept a bad situation.


Yesterday, as soon as I arrived at Kaua'i Care Center for performing a Buddhist service and entertainment, I noticed another program was already going on.  Then I was notified they had a double booking!!!


"Oh no! Last Wednesday of the month should be my turn!" But, of course, they apologized and soon I realized...ok, this is Hawaii.  Yes, they forget, I forget, too, and everybody forgets if there is no reminder! 


I recalled...(I cannot tell you when and who)....but one time a principle of the school here completely forgot my appointment that college students from Japan was coming to perform entertainments at school.    Even a principle forgets and Sensei (which is me!) also forgets, who can blame people for forgetting an appointment!!!


When I was about to leave, I just made a big bitter smile!


I wonder would you like to see it???  If yes, please cursor down!  If no.....Have a good day!!!



































































































Here is my bitter smile!!! 


"What?  Am I always showing this bitter smile to my wife?"   (Bitter Smile!)


"NO Way!....only once in a while......I think."

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    myonnaise. (Friday, 24 May 2024 11:50)

    I was just searching for bitter smile on how it looks like, found this, read it and found this kind of wholesome.. and also realise how old is this.. I wonder if the writer will realise and reply?

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    myonnaise. (Friday, 24 May 2024 11:51)

    Woops two comments

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    Agasto (Saturday, 01 June 2024 01:49)

    @myonnaise me too

    Also, i miss this era of internet so much, love the blog