A Bad Start can be a Good Start - Beauty of White

As compared to my son, I now think I was tremendously lucky since both my elementary school and middle school in Japan were so close to my home in Japan.  Both of them are located within 5 minutes-walk. 


This meant I didn't need to wake up early when I was small.  At the last minutes just before I needed to go, I used to wake up (actually my mother tried to wake me up several times and finally wake up)  and left for school.   In other words, I didn't need to spend extra time just for commuting to school.  I was able to spend more time for something else, such as studying, practicing baseball, learning piano and of course for the Buddhist services.


But the middle school which my son is attending, is far from Koloa.  Every morning, he needs to wake up early and leave house here at 6:20 a.m. in order to catch a school bus.  Then school starts at nearly 8:00 a.m.   Also on the way back home, it takes also time to come back.  


Well, this is not only my son but also many other students in Hawaii are experiencing bad school commute.  As compared to them, I was sooooo lucky.  However, whether good or bad, lucky or unlucky, can be completely up to the person.  If students can realize time is so precious and the way to use time efficiently, this bad school commute can be very good.  I think this is so true if we can understand the history of technology that Convenience comes from the life of inconvenience!   In old days, needless to say, there were no bus, no car, and no airplane.  It was very natural for them to take time just for moving.  But yet, they had also time for fun!!!   At the same time, no car probably caused more walk which made them strong.


Anyway, this morning at 6:20 am, soon after he left for a bus, he came back to the house and asked me if I could take him to the bus stop because he told me bus might come earlier.  My answer was supposed to be NO!!!


But I just recalled he missed catching a bus yesterday while I was on Oahu and he caused uncle Jim for the trouble of transportation (Mahalo to uncle Jim and aunty Kim)!  Surely I didn't want one round trip to Puhi this morning.  I drove him to the bus stop.


Then when I came home, I realized he did a good job!!!  I even thank him for giving me this opportunity transportation  Because I noticed...........What?














































































beauty of white flower in the darkness!!!! It must be a night-blooming water lily!!!  Without taking him to a bus stop, I would never ever notice this white flower!!!!   Now I'm very happy and I think a bad start can be a good start.


I wonder if you can agree.....bad can be good.  Of course, good is good.  Bad is bad.  But depending on the person, there is time bad can be good.

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