I feel a great joy whenever I see a bud of water lily.  Especially because there are some new water lilies here, just imagining which color of the flower blooming is also pleasant.  From a few days ago, I noticed a new bud which I've never seen the flower was coming up to the surface.  I wished time can pass quickly so that I can see the blooming flower.

Today I just saw this bud which might be blooming.  Now I have to wish flower will not to open today because I'll be away all day long at Kapaa.  I want to see the opening flower while I'm staying here to watch it.


After thinking about future, I truly realized what a selfish man I was.  But at the same time, because I am a selfish man, I definitely need to practice Buddhism, especially teachings of Master Honen which are exactly for the people who are ignorant and selfish.


After looking at this bud, I just thought today I should talk about this selfish being and the teaching of Jodo shu.  I'll try livestreaming a Sunday Service at Kapaa!




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