Harmony of the Universe!?

What a delicious Hoshi Ume (dried plum)!

This was a gift from Aunty Mabel and when I ate it, I felt two completely different tastes became one in my mouth.  This was just like Cy's pickled plum yesterday!  Sweet + Sour became so well-balanced which I want to call "Harmony of the Universe!"


I thought this was sold in Japan that's why I kept this empty bag.   But now I can throw it away because I just realized this was a Marukai Brand, which is also available on line!

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    Davy Chiu (Wednesday, 12 April 2017 12:30)

    To Whom it may concern.
    How are you doing? I just want to know how to order the HOSHI UME and ship to New York City for personal eat. Please email me for information.
    Thank you very much

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    Kosen (Friday, 14 April 2017 19:21)

    Hi, thank you for visiting this website. Amazon.com has some kinds of Hoshi ume under "Hoshi Ume" or "Dried Plum." I believe any Japanese products of Hoshi Ume would be good.