My Belated Mahalo

A few years ago, Kahului Jodo Mission kindly invited me as a guest speaker to their Bon Service & Dance.  My dharma talk was well received and right after the service, a young man came to tell me, he has watched my youtube videos.  He also told me his mother was from Lihue.  Later he kindly subscribed my channel and I sent a Bon Dance Cd to him.


Last year, he emailed me that he would like to give me a gift since his brother was coming to Bon Dance at Kauai Soto Zen Temple. Then I met his brother and I received a pack of sweet-sour pickled plum(peach?) from him there.


I ate it after several days.  Wow....this was so Oishii (delicious)....probably the best pickle I've ever eaten.  I was so grateful to receive this delicious plum from my younger friend from Maui.


Then, the reason why I'm writing this now was because I realized I didn't send a email of thank you to him yet.   I just found it in my draft box!  I know it's so belated....but thank you very much for the delicious pickle, Cy on Maui!!!  


I'm ashamed of myself....this sometimes happen, but I'd like to express my appreciation.... no matter how late it will be.


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