Another Temple at Koloa?

Recently while I was driving in Koloa toward the bypass road, I had a feeling that I passed by familiar building.  I wondered if it was our temple???"  But soon I realized this couldn't be happened!!! Our temple should not be located here!  There was no Bis Save and no larger Hondo near by.  So what was this building?  Another temple?   Suddenly I became so curious about it and I went back to the place where I could take a photo.

My intuition was right!  Wow....the building looks like our temple.  Color and material of the roof seem to be same.  And there is a big ridge decoration, too, on the top of the roof!  Very impressive!

This photo from google street view seemed to be taken in 2011!  It may mean this was made right after our renovation in 2010.  And I didn't know our neighbor made this building for several years!  I thought Koloa was such a small town but this made me realize there are actually so many things that I don't know about town, especially our neighbors!

This was like saying, "It's hard to see what is under your nose." 


Anyway, I feel this is an honor....there is a neighbor who made the building look like our temple building.  

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