Better Life, Harder Decision

I've just gotten a new rice cooker from   It was so easy to buy it online however it was so very hard to decide which one I should buy it. 


Last time when I bought a 10 cup-rice-cooker over a decade ago, there were only two kinds of Micom cooker available at the store in Honolulu.  Although I had to carry and bring it here, but I didn't spend any time to choose which one to buy.  But this time, there were so many kinds were available online!  It actually took me some time to decide it by reading reviews of the items. 


The most expensive rice cooker I saw was actually over $2,000! Then my friend told me that expensive rice cookers cost around $1,000 are actually well sold in Japan.  They say the more expensive cooker, the more delicious rice can be cooked.  This happens because higher technology is used for the expensive cooker, after studying what can be delicious rice.


So I was interested in the expensive rice cookers cost around $200 to $400.  But after reading reviews, I realized no cooker is perfect.  There are always people who complain and criticize!  If that is the case.....I thought the cheaper shall be better.  The less I pay, the less expectation and then less disappointiment!


In addition, the cooker which I currently use is actually good.  So a little upgraded one from the same maker shall be good.  This is how I made a final answer on this cooker


By the way, Japanese maker's rice cookers are very tough and hard to be broken.  Good for decades.  However, I realized the Teflon of the Inner Pan tends to wear off and replacement of the inner pan is actually hard to get.


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