Good Minister


When I was assigned to Koloa Jodo Mission, the Nisei ladies (2nd Generation of Japanese immigrants) at the temple was talking about "a good minister."

One lady said, "Rev. XXX is so nice because XXX is always smiling." Then another said, "YYY Sensei is also very good because YYY always say hello to me."   I also heard "ZZZ Sensei is good because ZZZ goes to all temples' Bon Dance!"


Hearing about their conversations, I felt as if the scales had fallen from my eyes.  I really thought a good minister should be the person who can conduct a good service, deliver a good sermon, or the person who is very kind and so on and on.   Yes, there could be many elements of "Good." At least for me, these descriptions were "Good."  However the definition of "good" for the old ladies was never complicated but was such a very simple thing. 


I wonder what kind of minister can be "good" for you?  And am I a good minister?

After so many years of my ministry, I am now thinking about "a good minister" again and I feel like I'd like to have my ministry Motto.  It was actually fun to think about it.

The first candidate I thought of was 3 E.  They shall be,

1. Energetic

2. Entertaining

3. Educational

Then I am thinking of another 3 E.

1. Easy

2. Effective

3. Economical or Ecological

These may be good enough but I feel not very good yet.   What I really want to include in the motto, is a word like "generous."   I knew there could be so many elements, descriptions of "a good minister."   

But after meeting truly generous people,  I realized "the person who is generous " include many other good elements such as "kind" "thoughtful" "helpful" and so on and on.   So I like a word, "genersou" and respect the person who is generous.   In like manner, I really want to be a generous minister who can always offer kindness to other people. 

I wonder do you have any idea of the word, meaning "generous" which start from E?


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