The Way to Zero - Better Place for Meditation

Sometimes people come here and ask me if they can stay for a while for their practice of meditation.  Because this is a Buddhist temple which should be a place of practicing Buddhism, there is nothing wrong for people to come to do meditation in the temple and of course, I hardly say no.


However, if you are a beginner of meditation or seeking for a quick effect of meditation, most of the temples cannot be better and I won't recommend.  But on this island, there are actually much better places for easy and deep meditation!


Where do you guess the better place for mediation?

Is it Koloa Jodo Mission? 


Before thinking about the better place of meditation, let's think about the purpose of mediation.  Why do you need a meditation?


In order to relax? refresh? and to live heathy and happy life?  There can be many answers by many people, but in Buddhism, ultimate goal of mediation is to achieve non-self, called "Muga."  Muga is just like emptiness and I can call it like a concept of zero. 


If we can realize a sense of emptiness, then, there is no worries, no regrets, and this may mean no happiness, but at the same time, no sufferings.  We can call this condition as Muga.  By realizing Muga through meditation, we can concentrate living in the present moment forever. 


However, because we are all human, we cannot always live in the present moment.  We once in a while worry and regret no matter how good we can become, we make mistakes. 


Sometimes whether we dislike it or not, we get involved in a trouble and then we become sad or upset.  Once again, non-self is a goal but it is impossible to get rid of self completely.  That's our Saga.


So what we can do is, I believe, we can get closer to the condition non-self.  Then how can we get close to non-self?  Of course, this is very difficult, but I've found a better explanation about getting close to the non-self. 


My way is very simple.  I just paraphrase non-self as zero......The way closer to zero is a key.



















I regard number 1 of  numerator is yourself.   The easy way to get close to zero is very simple.....just to get more numbers of denominator.

Then let's suppose denominator as numbers of stars you can view.

100 stars, 1000 stars, 10000 starts, 100000 stars, the more you can view stars, the more you feel breathtaking!  You are amazed by the incredible numbers of stars and then you can easily forget yourself.


This is how you can get closer to zero which can be regarded as Muga. Once again, you cannot achieve complete muga or zero.  But by facing amazing nature which can be vast denominators, you can get closer to zero and you can naturally find yourself in meditation easily and deeply.  Fortunately, here on the beautiful island Kauai, meditation place can be anywhere!  Sunset here is just amazing!


This is the very reason why I often go out for the nature. 


Whale watching everyday?  No, no, no, no, once again, this is new way of meditation!


If you are interested in whale watching, let me know!  Let's go together!


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