Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale Season has come around! 

I don't know why but I've been so crazy about whales since 2007.  I spent sooooo many many hours at the shores on Poipu and I took soooo many pictures of whales which mostly looked same.  Yes, there are tons of photos of ocean and many photos of just blowing by humpback whales.


But last season, I hardly went to photograph whales because I became so busy for being a househusband and for my additional job. Besides, I was able to take the best photo which made me very sartisfied.   In a sense, I was able to give up taking better pictures of whales because I got the best at that time.


This season, I'm still busy but I couldn't help but go to the shores because I got a upgraded lens from ebay.  So I went to try a lens on December 30 and yesterday on January 1st which was really something like breaching show!   I've never taken so many photos of breaching just in three hours of evening which made me ALMOST sartisfied.  


Now I am asking myself if I should spend more time for seeking better photos? or I should use time for something else?


The answer is.......please continue to check my blog!  Thank you very much for reading it!


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